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Who We Are

Founded in 1991, Sysgen has become the most recognized IT Staffing and IT Recruitment provider in the Philippines. With a database of more than 90,000 IT professionals covering Help Desk Technicians to Project Managers to IT Directors, Sysgen has helped respected and admired companies to quickly ramp up on IT manpower resources.

As a premier IT staffing company, our job is to ensure that you find the best and most qualified IT talent at this quickest possible time.

Albert Einstein once said that “the only source of knowledge is experience.” Having been in the business of IT staffing for 26 years, we have extensive knowledge in technical recruiting and a well-tested recruitment process that will help you ramp up on skills very quickly.

Having the largest database and network of IT Professionals in the Philippines does work to our advantage, as well as our client’s.

Employee Testimonials

Helga Antoni

My bosses are very instrumental to my continued learning and development especially with regard to the various facets of Human Resource. They help me handle people with different personalities.

HR Officer

Louise Florentino

We have the freedom to do whatever we can, for our team's success.

Assistant Manager

Kenneth Ramos

Even though I am far from home, I feel like Sysgen is my home; my family. Sysgen cares about their employees and it shows in the quality of people that work for the company.

Digital Marketer | Growth Hacker